Tips (WordPress) – Using WordPress on a Local Host

Categories: Wordpress. Time posted: 5:42 am, 19, Sunday, October, 2014

If you wish to use a WordPress on your desktop using the home connection with out a domain name (for example, if you wish to test something before making it live), often the IP address can change if you are using a connection configured for Dynamic IP addresses. Unfortunately this will cause WordPress to function incorrectly (or not work at all).

Thankfully there is a way around this depending on your set up. Most likely you should be able to access where the SQL for WordPress is located (it uses it to store data about your site, such as site-wide settings and page/post contents). If you are using XAMPP, you can open it by pressing the “Admin” button for the MySQL row.


Once you have opened your SQL session (most likely will require you to log in, hopefully you have remembered your password…), navigate to “Databases” link at the top of the window, then a list should be shown with the current databases within your SQL. One of the Databases should be called “WordPress”, click on that. A list of tables will now be shown, we are looking for “wp_options”. Click on that.

You should now be presented with a list of each rows and information on what is stored within them. Click on “edit” next to a row called “siteurl”. Once you load the cell’s values, it’s best not to touch anything in this value other than the “option_value” which is what we’re looking for, which should contain your previous IP address. Change the old IP address with your new IP address (which you can find out by searching for “My IP Address” on Google, which will display your current IP address) while leaving the rest of the address intact. For example, if the address is and you wish to change the IP address to, the address will be changed to .


Even if you can now get your WordPress site to load, you’re not done yet! If you were to click on any links to other pages of your page, it’s most likely not going to work since the links are still pointing to the old IP address.

Log into the Admin Panel. Select “Settings” link within the column on the left. Once the page has loaded, locate “Site Address (URL)”. It’s likely to have your old IP address contained within the text field. Change it with the new updated IP address.

Hopefully the site is now able to function without any issues.

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