Dealing with blurry texture when viewed at an angle

Categories: 3ds Max, Textures, Tips. Time posted: 6:34 am, 26, Friday, June, 2015

Just a small tip, this time about how to manage bitmap controllers used in material shaders (the part where you control the .tif, .bmp, .tiff, etc, files). Most of the time the default bitmap setting should be fine, however it may not be the best setting if your object utilises textures with a sharp contrasting lines or shape edges (such as tiles with distinctive grooves or a livery of a vehicle), and that you wish to view these textures from an angle as opposed to directly facing it head on.

An example is shown on how the default texture setting could have on the texture, along with what it should look like once the fix has been applied.


Thankfully the solution is a simple one. Navigate to the bitmap controller, open the Bitmap Parameters, change Filtering from Pyramidal to Summed Area. Hopefully that should fix the issue of blurry textures when viewed at an angle.blurry_textures2

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