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Displacement mapping from Mudbox to 3ds Max (with Vray)

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A neat tutorial and explanation on how to utilise (and understand) displacement maps with the Mudbox and 3dsmax/Vray workflow:

Coming across this guide, it is a rather detailed and self explanatory guide for people who are learning how to do their first displacement maps with the VrayDisplacementMod modifier. However, there is a small issue when it comes to objects that had its scale changed and that a freeze transformation hasn’t been applied to it (this resets the rotation and scale of objects back to 0° or 100% without changing its physical appearance). The issue that I have experienced was using a model that had its scale changed but didn’t have its transformation frozen. While it’s desirable to be sure to freeze the transformation of the model (Utilities tab -> Reset xForm), sometimes it’s accidentally forgotten and eventually too much work has been put into it.

In my situation, I had forgotten to freeze the transformation of a high resolution model that had its scale changed before extracting a displacement map out of it (in this case, it was scaled uniformly to 922% of its original size).So in the end, the displacement map was too weak when applied to the model in 3ds MAX.

Thankfully it’s an easy problem to overcome as it requires changing the Amount value (as shown in the image below) from 1.0 (100%) to 9.22 (922%). Hopefully it comes out looking as close as possible to the original high resolution model without any of the guesswork being required to get it right.

screenshot_vray displacement


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