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Tips (Photoshop) – Non-destructive texture adjustments

Categories: Photoshop, Tips. Time posted: 5:57 am, 7, Thursday, August, 2014

If you’re a regular user of Photoshop, you may have used the Curves or Levels tool (Menu: Image->Adjustments) as a way to modify the images you’re working on. But what if you wanted to protect the original images? You could always keep an original copy of the image, but sometimes that may just add unnecessary workload.

Photoshop thankfully allows you to preserve the original images without resorting to destructive or irreversible modifications.

1) Select the Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer button highlighted in the image below. If Layers window isn’t open, go to Window->Layers to open it.


2) Select your desired adjustment. In my example, I have chosen curves. A new layer should pop up in the Layers window. By selecting on the new layer, Adjustments window (usually located above the Layers window. If it is not open, go to Window->Adjustments) will change to reflect the new layer’s properties.

Optional: If you want to only modify a single layer below, click on the button next to the image of the eye at the bottom of the Adjustments window (it will be captioned “This adjustment effects all layers below (click to clip to layer)”. When pressed, the adjustments will now only impact the layer below.


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Tips (Photoshop) – Rotate the Canvas

Categories: Photoshop, Tips. Time posted: 5:28 am, 24, Thursday, July, 2014

(May as well use this blog as a repository of tips for different tools.)

One of the most useful ways of drawing more naturally on a digital tablet is to rotate the canvas (which is not much dissimilar to rotating the sketch paper in front of you). Great way of drawing more naturally if you haven’t yet done so.

Shortcut key: R

Now you can drag and adjust the canvas as deemed fit to your own personal preferences.

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