A brief overview of different type of contents that I have created.


With an observant eye, I am always on a look out for scenes that can be captured from a new and hopefully engaging perspective. What we see from our eyes may not necessarily capture everything of our own surrounding environment. With photography, it can play a unique role in exposing different and perhaps even unknown perspectives of our world.

3D Design

Utilising 3ds MAX as my primary tool of trade, I have created a wide range of content ranging from vehicles to weapons to architectural designs.


Who am I

Hi, I am Tristan and I am a freelance designer in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I have an interest in visual design and image manipulation, with primary focus in Photography and 3d Design with a bit of Web Site Design on the side.

Always willing to put my hand up for more opportunities and tackle challenging tasks.

E-mail: tristan@yellowredfox.com

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